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Person-centred therapy is a talking therapy whereby I create a confidential, safe, non-judgemental space allowing you the client to explore any issue or difficulties you may be facing. A problem is a problem no matter how big or small. I believe every client is unique and needs to feel accepted and understood, free from judgement. I understand that therapy may feel overwhelming to some people, getting in contact is the first step, my focus is on creating a space whereby you feel comfortable and safe enough to explore anything you wish in a professional setting. I offer emotional support for anything that feels unsettling, examples may be overwhelming sadness, resentment, shame, guilt the list goes on.

The world we live in is as fast paced as ever, the world has been turned upside down since the pandemic and many of us are struggling to cope with new norms. Nothing is ever fixed and our realities are forever changing, sometimes it can prove difficult to cope with these new realities. I am here to hopefully improve your overall emotional well being and lower levels of stress so life can feel more manageable.

Wether it be a marriage, a difficult relationship with a parent or child or work collegue I am here to provide empathic support. All relationships require commitment and this can prove to be problematic. I create a confidential non judgemental space whereby the relationship dynamics can be explored and this will ultimately enhance clarity, perspective and allow you to reconnect and communicate healthily.

One thing in life is certain and we will all at some point lose somebody we love. Losing a loved one can leave you feeling alone, angry and overwhelmed in despair. I will be with you and we will sit together during difficult times where hopefully these emotions will become manageable and you will feel in control.

The average working day is 9-5, 5 days a week, leaving little time to do the things you enjoy. Work life balance in todays society seems very inbalanced and I am here to help you get that healthy balance back. We can all lose ourselves in the demands of working life and our real authentic life purpose is lost. Working long hours, in demanding job roles can leave you feeling overwhelmed, sensitive, irritated and unhappy. Lets regain your purpose.

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