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Person-centred therapy is aimed at anybody who wants to increase personal growth and development. It is an insightful process of exploration in which many individuals find their purpose and develop a deeper connection with themselves ultimately allowing for greater relationships with others. Clients find clarity, understanding and meaning increasing mood, self-esteem and their overall outlook of the world in which they find themselves. I offer a welcoming, comfortable space where you can talk freely without feeling judged but more importantly leave our time together feeling heard. The process can feel uncomfortable at times, but it can also feel freeing, liberating and relieving. I will sit with you throughout it all. My hopes are that you find understanding, can make healthier, happier life choices and find your purpose with confidence and authenticity. I offer an initial 10 minute, free of charge, over the phone introduction whereby you can ask any questions you may have. Over time person-centred therapy results in self-discovery, self-acceptance, lasting positive changes increased personal growth and the coping skills to make life a little lighter.

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Person-centred therapy is a talking therapy whereby I create a confidential, safe, non-judgemental space allowing the client to explore any issue or difficulties they may be facing. I believe every client is unique therefore needs a unique approach to finding solutions and change. I strongly believe my clients need to feel accepted and understood in order for positive change to occur. I understand that therapy may feel overwhelming to some people, therefore my focus is on creating a space whereby you feel comfortable and safe enough to explore honestly in a professional setting.

Todays world can feel emotionally demanding and expectations of life can feel unrealistic, therapy can improve peoples lives and overall well-being. When people start to live with purpose, meaning, authenticity and ownership, relationships, work, physical health and decision making improves.

My clients are the core focus of my work, and my practice began with hopes of helping people feel fulfilled, empowered and happy in their own skin, wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

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From Our Clients

Here what some of my clients have to say

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I feel really comfortable talking with Danielle. I was so nervous going to see her for the first time now I look forward to our weekly sessions. I feel like I can talk about anything with her.
Mrs L.P
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I have been in therapy for a long time and never seemed to get anywhere. I realised after sitting with Danielle, ive never truly been listened to before. Ive been seeing Danielle for a few months now, I feel more confident in making better decisions.
Mr J.B
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I feel lighter. My mind is clearer. I can not thank Danielle enough for giving me the space to make sense of what felt like such a mess. I have never felt judged and that was so important for me. ,